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Quick Appetizers & Easy Mains!
With readily available pantry ingredients including CLOVER LEAF® products, some produce and those refrigerated & frozen must-haves, do we have a selection of recipes for you!

So plan, prep and entertain away!

Happy Holidays!
Rockin’ Around With Shrimp Appetizers!
Cocktail Hour Shrimp Dip
Served any hour on any day for easy and elegant entertaining using our Cocktail Shrimp!
Pesto Shrimp Spirals
Savour a burst of flavours in these warm and flaky spirals, made with our Cocktail Shrimp or Small Shrimp.
More Appetizers…A Beautiful Sight!
Curried Shrimp Devilled Eggs
Fusion of spice and texture to a classic! A delightful conversation piece made possible with our Cocktail Shrimp.
Zesty Crab Spread
Enjoy this make-ahead, piquant hors d’oeuvre, prepared with our succulent Crabmeat products.
So Very Nice Dine-At-Home Mains!
Chicken with Creamy Smoked Mussel Sauce
This mouth-watering cream sauce, made with our Smoked Mussels, makes it a perfect complement to baked chicken.
Manhattan Clam Chowder
A steamy tomatoey chowder, perfect for gatherings and chilly days, made with our Whole Baby Clams.
Pasta & Seafood - Muah!
What do you get when you pair pasta with oysters, clams and shrimp? Easy Seafood Linguine!

It’s a classic main course combination for an entertaining evening, made possible with our –
Pacific Oysters,
Whole Baby Clams, and
Cocktail Shrimp or Small Shrimp.

Available in the canned seafood section of your grocery stores.

"Holiday Seafood Recipe 2017" – Facebook Promotion ends December 21, 2017

This time of year is known for the delicious home-cooked feasts! With so many options, let us know in our Facebook post - "Holiday Seafood Recipe 2017", what your favourite seafood pairing is this season using any one of CLOVER LEAF® products, and enter for a chance to WIN one of two $50 gift cards!!

Contest ends Thursday, December 21, 2017 at 11:59:59pm ET.

See Rules here.

Good Luck!

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Until our next issue... Happy Holidays!
Your friends at Clover Leaf Seafoods