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International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF)

In 2009 Clover Leaf became a proud founder of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF). ISSF is a partnership among scientists, tuna processors (representing more than 75% of the world’s shelf stable tuna production,) and the World Wild Fund, a global conservation organization. This unique combination of industry, science and environmental community is committed to driving positive change in tuna fisheries through direct action of its participants.

ISSF’s goal is to undertake science-based initiatives for the long term sustainability of tuna stocks, reduction of by-catch and promotion of ecosystem health, and improve all tuna fisheries to meet the strict MSC certification standards. 

Since it’s 2009 inception, ISSF and its members have committed to a number of actions aimed at ensuring long term sustainability of tuna including: 

  • agreement to traceability standards from capture to plate;
  • not sourcing tuna caught using large scale drift nets or from illegal, unreported or unregulated fishing; 
  • sourcing from boats with unique vessel identifiers;
  • funding and supporting a multitude of sea turtle conservation projects; 
  • funding at-sea research programs to mitigate bycatch in purse seine fishing. 

Click for a full list and description of ISSF's conservation commitments

"The long-term conservation and sustainable use of global tuna fisheries is our goal. It’s not easy. But through science-based practices, collaboration and advocacy, we believe it’s achievable."

Visit for more information on the initiatives to enable the global tuna fisheries to meet the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) gold standard in sustainability.