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Social Responsibility

Clover Leaf conducts business ethically and honestly and in a manner that respects individuals, their communities and the environment. We expect the same from those with whom we work and expect that our suppliers operate with similar values and adhere to the following basic requirements in order to maintain a relationship with us. We require that our suppliers provide written acknowledgment and compliance with our Code of Conduct. Review our Supplier Code of Conduct

Additionally, to validate compliance with our code and drive improvement, we have third party auditors perform onsite audits of supplier facilities. Facilities, and onsite dormitories where applicable, are audited against local and national law and against the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) standards in nine main areas including child and forced labor, wages and benefits, working hours and humane treatment. Facilities receive periodic evaluations based upon audit performance and risk assessment.

Clover Leaf realizes that social accountability must extend beyond production facilities to the harvesting vessels. While there is currently no existing standard or credible audit process for the challenging and often remote operations of tuna fishing vessels, we are actively engaged with supply chain partners and other stakeholders in this area. In late 2016, Clover Leaf joined the Seafood Task Force with the objective of providing guidance on its expanded scope into tuna and to help develop realistic and credible vessel standards for tuna vessels. While a challenging endeavor, we remain committed to expanding the reach of social accountability to tuna fishing vessels. Progress on Task Force development can be tracked, at