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Clover Leaf Seafoods has launched a national awareness campaign to change the way Canadians think about fast food.


While many people struggle with keeping the weight off, their busy lifestyles can increase the temptation to reach for high calorie, fatty take-out.

The whole idea is quite simple: “Re-Invent Fast Food” using canned seafood – tasty, easy-to-make, low-calorie and high protein recipes based on fast food favorites like pizza, tacos, Pad Thai, and even the classic hamburger with bacon and cheese.

Canned seafood is a convenient and easy way for Canadians to get more fish in their diet.  Not only that, but studies have shown that canned seafood is at least as nutritious, if not more so than fresh seafood.  This is because most canned seafood is processed almost immediately after it is caught so all of the nutrients are sealed in the can.

To help you in your quest to guide your patients and clients toward healthier eating our team has developed a pamphlet containing all of our new “Re-Invent Fast Food” recipes, quick cooking tips and some startling fast food facts, which you can download here.

Clover Leaf's Re-invent Fast Food Recipes brochure  

We’ve also developed a pamphlet containing some reference material about nutrition and the many health benefits of seafood.  As well, you will find information surrounding the facts about mercury in seafood, which we hope will help you in providing guidance to your patients and clients.  To view this pamphlet, click here.

Clover Leaf's Dietitian's Seafood brochure 

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